PreSchool Model K&B.65

Gepostet op 26 augustus 2013 bis 08:41
PreSchool Model K&B.65

Dimensions : 65 x 65 x 65 cm

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2-Sit to Play Around !

Gepostet op 26 augustus 2013 bis 08:04
2-Sit to Triple

Sixpack to Cube

To Play and Sit Around !

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Gepostet op 1 april 2013 bis 15:10
Sit and Play Together with the Children on a 2-Sit Block and be surprised !

During the Kind+Jugend, KindVak, and the recent Toy Fair in Nurnberg it appeared that the Basic-elements of the K&B.80 and the K&B.65 contains the Optimum Measurements in use by either Children from 2 till 13 years old and their Nannies in Elementary... mehr lesen

HenBea Catalogue 2013

Gepostet op 12 maart 2013 bis 11:30
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Nieuwsbrief BSO Lokomotief December 2012

Gepostet op 30 november 2012 bis 16:07
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